Commercial Real Estate in Lawton

When it comes to commercial real estate in Lawton, Johnny Owens Commercial Properties, Inc. sets the standard.
Analysis/Valuation - We'll use current market trends in addition to historical data and offer a thorough, well-documented and honest analysis of your property - whether it's a single asset or a portfolio. We can help you set goals and objectives for your investments that are tailored to your unique situation.

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Brokerage - To assist you in the acquisition, disposition or leasing of commercial property, our team of specialized advisors will apply their extensive commercial real estate experience and authoritative market knowledge. Our innovative, global marketing strategies are proven to drive your success.

Market Research - With a firm grasp on the latest technologies and data analysis tools, our research team is constantly mindful of the direction of today's market. This market intelligence is crucial to our clients' ability to make well-informed decisions.

Landlord Representation - We support landlords in finding prospective tenants by employing a variety of techniques in addition to intelligent, targeted marketing campaigns. Once we define our most likely tenants, we find the best way to reach the decision makers, make sure they are acquainted with your available space, and stand by you throughout the time period where your space is gaining occupants.

Tenant Representation - Whether you are moving your existing business or looking for the best place to begin, you need a partner with a thorough knowledge of the Lawton market. We'll help you examine your needs, narrow down your best options and ultimately settle on the space and the terms that are the best fit.